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This is Ptilothrix bombiformis, a hibiscus specialist. I am a novice painter, I started painting bees in October 2018. I started only because my daughter wanted to take an art class with me, so as a parent wanting to support my daughter's budding artistry, I obliged. This was during the time I was cramming for my comprehensive exams, so I decided I should paint a bee. Then, I reasoned, I could feel like I was studying during art class. A remarkable thing happened though - I discovered I loved painting, and I love painting bees in particular. I found painting to be remarkably therapeutic, especially when I needed break from fighting with statistical software. I never really thought I had much artistic talent, but I think I just hadn't found my muse. Turns out my muse is wild bees, and their relationships with flowers. So here I am over a year later, still painting, and getting gradually better...I think. Here is my latest, hopefully more to come.

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