Peer-reviewed publications

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Book Chapters


Cairns, Christine et al., 2003.  Las Fuerzas Impulsoras Detrás del Descenso de la Meliponicultura en el Estado de Quintana Roo (Driving Forces Behind the Decrease in Meliponiculture in the State of Quintana Roo).  In Bray, David B. et al. (eds) Investigaciones en Apoyo de una Economía de Conservación en la Zona Maya de Quintana Roo (Investigations in support of a conservation economy in the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo).  The Institute of Sustainability Science, Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University, Miami, Fl.  

Published Collections Data

University of Georgia Collection of Arthropods (2022). McDonald-Podesta-Fortuin-Gandhi Orchid Bee Collection. Occurrence dataset,

Recent Conference Presentations


Fortuin, C. C. and Kamal J.K. Gandhi (2022). Effects of Anthropogenic Forest Disturbances on Wild Bee Community Structure in the Southeast U.S.  The Wildlife Society annual conference, November 2022.  Invited presentation. 


Briggs, E. L., D. U. Greene, C. C. Fortuin, B. F. Barnes, K. J.K. Gandhi (2022).  Effects of Forest Herbicides on Wild Bee Communities in Working Loblolly Pine Stands.  The Wildlife Society annual conference, November 2022.  Invited presentation. 


Favorito, C., B. Barnes, E. Briggs, C. Fortuin, D. Greene, A. Larsen-Gray, J. Martin, E. McCarty, K. J.K. Gandhi (2022).  Do Stand-Level Characteristics Affect Native Bee Populations and Communities in Working Pine Forests?  The Wildlife Society annual conference, November 2022.  Invited presentation. 


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Fortuin, C. C., C. Montes, J. T. Vogt, K. J. K. Gandhi (2021). Evaluating and predicting severe wind damage risks at multiple scales in southern U.S. forests.  The Plantation Management Research Cooperative Annual Conference, July 2021.  Invited presentation.
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Fortuin, C.C. and K.J.K. Gandhi. (2021).  Functional traits drive bee community responses to habitat variability in managed southeastern forests.  North American Forest Insect Work Conference, May 2021.